Welcome to the world of fine handcrafted abalone and mother of pearl.

 Larry Robinson has been cutting inlays since 1975, and is recognized in the music industry as one of the top artists in his field. 

This doesn't mean that Larry only decorates guitars and banjos with beautifully designed and executed shell, metal and wood (and whatever other materials cross his path).  Indeed, his work over the years has also graced boxes, wall hangings, mantel ornaments, jewelry, humidors and other more esoteric artwork.

He has also found the time to author a book, "The Art of Inlay", published by Miller Freeman Co.,and produced beginner, intermediate, and advanced inlay instructional videos and DVDs.

Larry now has a five hour online inlay lesson for rent or sale! Check it out HERE.

To see more of Larry's inlays:

Earlier Work

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Recent Projects

Lindisfarne Project
New Work
China Guitar
Martin #750,000
Martin #1,000,000

Projects in 2006
Projects in 2007
Projects in 2008
Nouveau Guitar

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Here are some videos of Larry talking about his art -- [1] [2]

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